Your time is valuable. Focus on what matters and automate the rest. Advertee can help you replace an expensive advertising agency or an overloaded specialist.


For small individual brands, marketing beginners or small businesses with a low advertising budget.



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For marketing professionals and small-medium-sized businesses, with a medium advertising budget.



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Customizable plan for demanding professionals and marketing agencies, without budget limitations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a boring recurring task that drains your time and focus. Why not automate it? But it’s impossible to do it through the Ad Manager, so what now? The answer is Advertee! You can focus on the content, and Advertee will take care of the ads. It’s designed for content agencies, single brands, and freelancers working with social media promotion.

Advertee uses official Facebook API, meaning your data goes directly to Facebook Ads. Remaining data is stored securely in accordance with GDPR laws and all payments are secured by a trusted Payment Gateway.

Your subscription can be canceled at any time and you can use Advertee’s services until the end of your billing cycle. Refunds are not available. We recommend trying our 14-day free trial to find the best Advertee solution for you and your team.

At this time, we only offer a nonprofit discount of 10 %. Please use our contact form to claim this discount.

Enterprise or wholesale pricing is available from the 15 profiles and above. Please reach out to us regarding this pricing here.

We have an affiliate program with 100 % reward from the first paying month. Feel free to reach out to us regarding this offer here.

Technical support is provided by our team via chat, email, or contact form. We cannot help you with advertising strategies, marketing data interpretation, or other related questions at this time. We are currently working to implement common marketing strategies automatically into Advertee as well as providing freelancers for hire to help your team with any custom needs.

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Our Clients Speak

“The tool we have been long searching for! I only regret not finding out about it a year ago.“

Meetings, strategies, contests – the agency life is pretty busy on a daily basis. Thus, we would occasionally have unexpected gaps in promotion, simply because of people having busy Fridays before weekends or leaving for holidays. Advertee helped us to eliminate such unwanted time delays and increase overall work effectiveness. Brands trust us to make the best content, we trust Advertee as the best partner to help us sell it.

Recognized by Top Review Platforms

Advertee has earned positive reviews from multiple independent authorities, including Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2. We continually strive to improve our product based on these reviews and valuable feedback from our customers.