LinkedIn Statistics: Surprising Key Insights and Trends 2023

linkedin statistics

In today’s digital age, LinkedIn stands as a cornerstone for professionals, recruiters, and companies alike. With its ever-growing user base and diverse range of features, LinkedIn has become more than just a platform for job hunting—it’s a hub for networking, business development, and even education. To understand the sheer impact and reach of LinkedIn, we’ve compiled a list of 99 key statistics that shed light on various aspects of this professional networking platform.

From user demographics and engagement rates to the effectiveness of LinkedIn for sales, recruitment, and beyond, these statistics offer a holistic view of the platform’s influence in the professional world. Whether you’re a job seeker, a recruiter, a marketer, or a business owner, these numbers provide valuable insights that can help you make informed decisions and strategies.

LinkedIn Stats You Need To Know in 2023

So, let’s delve into these fascinating figures to uncover the trends, insights, and opportunities that LinkedIn offers in 2023 and beyond.

LinkedIn User Demographics

  1. LinkedIn turns 20 years old in 2023. Source
  2. LinkedIn has 990 million members. Source
  3. 57.2% of LinkedIn users identify as men. Source
  4. 42.8% of LinkedIn users identify as women. Source
  5. Over 77% of LinkedIn users are from outside the US. Source
  6. LinkedIn has members in 200 countries and regions worldwide. Source
  7. Almost 60% of LinkedIn’s users are between 25 and 34 years old. Source
  8. The number of Black and Latino leaders grew by 35% and 20.3% last year. Source
  9. Women represent nearly 42% of LinkedIn’s leadership. Source
  10. LinkedIn is available in 26 languages. Source

Company and Job Statistics

  1. LinkedIn has 36 offices and 21,000 employees. Source
  2. Revenue increased 21% year-over-year in Q1 of 2023. Source
  3. 295,000 schools are listed on LinkedIn. Source
  4. 52 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week. Source
  5. 8 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. Source
  6. There are 101 job applications submitted every second on LinkedIn. Source
  7. 16.2% of US LinkedIn users log in every day. Source
  8. 48.5% of users in the US use LinkedIn at least once a month. Source
  9. LinkedIn saw 15.4 billion sessions in Q2 FY22. Source
  10. There are more than 36,000 newsletters on LinkedIn. Source

Engagement and Content

  1. 40% of LinkedIn visitors organically engage with a page every week. Source
  2. Pages that post weekly have 5.6x more followers than those posting monthly. Source
  3. An ad on LinkedIn can reach 14.6% of the world’s population. Source
  4. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions surpassed $5 billion in July 2022. Source
  5. LinkedIn’s ad reach grew by 22 million people in Q41 2021. Source

User Behavior on LinkedIn

  1. 30% of a company’s followers are employees. Source
  2. 76% of users visit LinkedIn weekly. Source
  3. 57% of LinkedIn traffic is mobile. Source
  4. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Source
  5. 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management. Source

Skills and Endorsements

  1. The most endorsed skill on LinkedIn is “Teamwork”. Source
  2. 45% of hiring managers look at LinkedIn endorsements. Source
  3. 70% of professionals believe skill endorsements are beneficial. Source
  4. The average LinkedIn user has 5 skill endorsements. Source
  5. “Cloud Computing” is the most in-demand skill in 2023. Source

LinkedIn Learning

  1. LinkedIn Learning has over 16,000 courses. Source
  2. 50% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn Learning. Source
  3. LinkedIn Learning has 3 million subscribers. Source
  4. 78% of LinkedIn Learning users are outside the U.S. Source
  5. The average LinkedIn Learning course is 40 minutes long. Source

LinkedIn for Business

  1. 92% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn over other platforms. Source
  2. LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media. Source
  3. 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing. Source
  4. 58% of B2B advertisers like the ROI on LinkedIn ads. Source
  5. LinkedIn generates 3x more conversions than Twitter & Facebook. Source

LinkedIn Premium

  1. LinkedIn Premium has 39 million subscribers. Source
  2. 38% of LinkedIn Premium subscribers are recruiters. Source
  3. LinkedIn Premium costs $29.99 per month for the basic plan. Source
  4. LinkedIn Premium offers 5 InMail messages per month. Source
  5. 75% of Premium users use the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” feature. Source

LinkedIn for Sales

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has 2 million users. Source
  2. 89% of top salespeople use LinkedIn for networking. Source
  3. LinkedIn InMail has a 300% higher response rate than emails. Source
  4. 64% of sales teams use LinkedIn to find new clients. Source
  5. 76% of buyers are willing to have a conversation on LinkedIn. Source

LinkedIn for HR and Recruitment

  1. 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates. Source
  2. LinkedIn has 20 million job postings. Source
  3. 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn. Source
  4. 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn. Source
  5. 35.5 million people have been hired through a LinkedIn connection. Source

LinkedIn Groups and Communities

  1. There are over 2 million LinkedIn Groups. Source
  2. 70% of users join at least one LinkedIn Group. Source
  3. The average user joins 7 LinkedIn Groups. Source
  4. 16% of LinkedIn users actively participate in Groups. Source
  5. LinkedIn Groups have a 4x higher engagement rate than company pages. Source

LinkedIn News and Articles

  1. LinkedIn News reaches 500 million people. Source
  2. 45% of LinkedIn article readers are in upper-level positions. Source
  3. Articles that are 1900-2000 words long get the most shares. Source
  4. LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video on the platform. Source
  5. LinkedIn SlideShare has 70 million monthly active users. Source

LinkedIn for Education and Alumni

  1. 46% of the social media traffic to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. Source
  2. 79% of B2B marketers see LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads. Source
  3. 91% of marketing executives list LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content. Source
  4. 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix. Source
  5. 62% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. Source

LinkedIn for Freelancers and Small Businesses

  1. 49% of freelancers use LinkedIn for professional purposes. Source
  2. LinkedIn ProFinder has connected 70,000 freelancers with jobs. Source
  3. 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. Source
  4. 98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections meet or surpass quota. Source
  5. 43% of SMBs say that LinkedIn is their most valuable social media platform. Source

LinkedIn for Nonprofits

  1. 41% of NGOs use LinkedIn. Source
  2. LinkedIn for Good has enabled 4 million people to volunteer. Source
  3. 73% of NGOs say social media is effective for online fundraising. Source
  4. LinkedIn has helped place over 50,000 military veterans in jobs. Source
  5. 33% of NGOs use LinkedIn for recruiting. Source

LinkedIn for Startups

  1. 27% of startups use LinkedIn for business development. Source
  2. LinkedIn’s startup program has helped over 10,000 startups. Source
  3. 60% of startups find LinkedIn effective for marketing. Source
  4. 35% of startups have successfully raised capital through LinkedIn connections. Source
  5. LinkedIn’s startup program offers $100,000 in free advertising credits. Source

LinkedIn for Healthcare Professionals

  1. 31% of healthcare professionals use LinkedIn. Source
  2. 67% of doctors use LinkedIn for professional networking. Source
  3. 40% of healthcare recruiters use LinkedIn for talent acquisition. Source
  4. LinkedIn has 5 million healthcare profiles. Source
  5. 28% of healthcare institutions have a LinkedIn company page. Source

LinkedIn for Legal Professionals

  1. 70% of law firms have a LinkedIn profile. Source
  2. 90% of legal recruiters use LinkedIn. Source
  3. LinkedIn has 1 million lawyer profiles. Source
  4. 60% of legal professionals say LinkedIn has helped them build a professional network. Source

Conclusion: The Transformative Power of LinkedIn in Numbers

As we wrap up this extensive list of 99 LinkedIn statistics, it’s clear that LinkedIn is not just a platform; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that brings together professionals, companies, recruiters, and learners from all corners of the globe. The numbers speak volumes about the platform’s influence in shaping careers, building professional relationships, and driving business success.

Whether you’re an individual looking to expand your professional network, a recruiter aiming to source the best talent, or a business striving to maximize brand visibility, LinkedIn offers a multitude of opportunities. These statistics serve as a testament to the platform’s evolving role in our professional lives, highlighting its significance in today’s digital landscape.

As we move forward into an increasingly interconnected world, LinkedIn is poised to remain a pivotal force in the realm of professional networking and career development. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to leverage the power of LinkedIn to your advantage.

Thank you for joining us on this numerical journey through LinkedIn’s vast landscape. We hope these statistics have provided you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of what makes LinkedIn the professional networking giant it is today.

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