25 Instagram Statistics Unveiling User Trends & Growth Insights

instagram statistics

Instagram continues to be a dominant force in the social media landscape, evolving with user preferences and technological advancements. Here’s a closer look at some key statistics from 2023 and projections for 2024, offering insights into its usage, demographics, and engagement

  1. Active Monthly Users: Instagram has 2 billion active monthly users (Source: Hootsuite).
  2. Platform Usage: It’s the world’s third most-used social platform (Source: Hootsuite).
  3. Cross-Platform Activity: Only 0.1% of Instagram users are exclusive to the platform (Source: Hootsuite).
  4. Engagement Rate: The average Instagram post engagement rate is 0.60% (Source: Hootsuite).
  5. Most Popular Account: @Instagram is the most popular account with 648 million followers (Source: Hootsuite).
  6. Most-Used Hashtag: #love (Source: Hootsuite).
  7. Demographics: Nearly 85% of Instagram’s audience is younger than 45 (Source: Hootsuite).
  8. Preferred by Youth: The preferred platform for social media users aged 16-34 (Source: Hootsuite).
  9. Teen Users: Only 8% of Instagram users are teenagers (Source: Hootsuite).
  10. Daily Teen Usage: Half of the teen users use Instagram once a day (Source: Hootsuite).
  11. Asia-Pacific Users: One-third of Instagram users are from the Asia-Pacific region (Source: Hootsuite).
  12. Largest Ad Market: India (Source: Hootsuite).
  13. Gender Distribution: 48.2% of users are female (Source: Hootsuite).
  14. Average Monthly Usage: 12 hours on the app (Source: Hootsuite).
  15. Content Sharing: 66,000 photos shared every minute (Source: Hootsuite).
  16. Content Purpose: 69.9% use the app to post or share photos or videos (Source: Hootsuite).
  17. Ad Reach on Stories: More than 500 million people (Source: Hootsuite).
  18. Reels for Influencer Marketing: 53.7% of U.S. marketers use Instagram Reels (Source: Hootsuite).
  19. Content Resharing: Reels make up more than half of content reshared (Source: Hootsuite).
  20. Influencer Engagement on Reels: Slightly lower than on TikTok (Source: Hootsuite).
  21. Threads User Growth: Fastest to reach 1 million users (Source: Hootsuite).
  22. Active Users on Threads: 15.36 million active users (Source: Hootsuite).
  23. Threads in India: Most users in India (Source: Hootsuite).
  24. Shopping Usage: 44% use the app to shop weekly (Source: Hootsuite).
  25. Business Account Posting: Average 1.55 posts on main feed per day (Source: Hootsuite).

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